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One’s Own Spiritual Path

What does it take to find one’s own spiritual path?  The Buddha said Buddhism isn’t supposed to answer questions, rather that it must question answers.  This novel, as fiction, attempts to explore this question.

Finding One’s Own Spiritual Path

The almost infinite choice of spiritual paths ensures there’s a path for everyone. From Dave Gordon: “I’m a Jesuit-trained ex-Catholic, lay-ordained a few years ago as a Zen monk.  My root teacher, however, is an enlightened Celt trained as a shaman. Sometimes, we have to eventually change to continue on our personal, anarchic path with heart.”


There’s a good deal about mountains in this novel, especially at the beginning.  The scene in the first chapter is located high in the what is called the Death Zone, without the mountain being actually named.  That’s because in the second chapter a Tibetan legend about Chomolungma (the Tibetan name for Everest) is referred to: If you come to the base of the mountain with a pure heart and sit quietly long enough, you will hear the deep base sound of Chomolungma, the Goddess Earth Mother of the World, spinning out life on this planet.  Such is the power of mountains…and finding one’s own spiritual path.

That deep base sound is quickly connected to another manifestation,  one produced by a Qigong master.  It’s the sound of qi (pronounced “chi”) and translated as life force.  According to that, our life force is literally bound up in our manifestation of qi.  

Dave Gordon has experienced both sources of the deep base sound, without hearing it, both as a mountaineer on the 1995 Mt. Everest Expedition on Chomolungma, then later as a Tai Ch’i/ Qigong instructor.