Review of Light and Shadow 7-3-20

Following is a review of my novel by a Books Online reviewer; note that he rated my novel at a 4 out of 4.  Apparently, that’s rarely done! :

Into Light and Shadow: A Journey is a work of fiction in the spiritual, introspective, and life story sub-genres and was penned by author Dave Gordon. Told in an on-the-road journey style of narrative flow, this intriguing and heartfelt novel chronicles the life and times of Steve Forrest as he attempts to climb Mount Everest, claiming a top achievement after a long line of others in his time. But when the mountain looms and threatens to destroy everything Steve has ever known, this sparks a new spiritual journey exploring both Buddhism and Steve’s Christian past, with the enigmatic and wise Father Jack at his side.

Author Dave Gordon has crafted a slow-burning, well developed, and philosophical read which offers much wisdom and storytelling in its grand literary tradition. One of the things which I most enjoyed about it, particularly for a novel of this genre, was the fact that the dialogue did not simply cut and paste lines from ancient wisdom, but was actually realistically laid out to discuss the deeper issues and conflicts between what we think we know, and what spirituality offers us on a higher level. Along with this, Steve and Jack are well-formed characters who each carry authentic and emotive perspectives on life, and their interactions drive the plot forward to new levels of feeling and understanding. What results is an enlightening read that will surely engage philosophical minds looking for a slower-paced, more literary novel, and I would certainly recommend Into Light and Shadow: A Journey to them.