A Story Idea from a Dream

A Story Idea from a Dream

Advice in Dreams

 story idea from a dream imageA story idea from a dream came to me to write a novel. Advice in dreams often comes to us . We need to listen. You may ask, what do recurring dreams mean? This was a recurring dream about a novel I should write. A recurring dream usually states something very important in your life that you need to examine, to look at, to act upon. It can be something very scary, or just the opposite. This is the dream world. But the dream returned, waking me up a number of nights, until finally, to gain some peace, I started this novel .

A Story Idea from a Dream

I’d long before concluded that I never wanted to write a novel.  I was not happy about this dream impulse. I felt that ego was pushing me to write because it wanted to be rich and famous. Ego often rushes us into useless pursuits. But this dream kept coming back, and so I started the novel. Months after I had been writing, and started to get into it deeply, and started to love what I was doing,  I realized that maybe such a novel would fire up a mature dialog about the nature of human spirituality. I don’t know if that will happen, but it is my deepest and most sincere wish for this work, Into Light and Shadow.


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  1. from Libby says:

    Submitted on 2014/02/14 at 11:30 am
    Finished it! I love the ending. I loved the description of KariLyn’s boyfriend. In the end, to me, Steve had a world opened before him. How can you fall off of the highest mountain in the world, SURVIVE, and not be the most blessed man, ever. His spiritual growth and his reunion with his family was touching. Raucous laughter filled my home, startling the kitties and upsetting the quiet, often. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I love your book, Dave!

  2. From Libby says:

    Loved the book-it taught me a lot about Buddhism in a way that was easy to understand (can it ever be easy to understand? Maybe I missed the point-HA!) Especially liked the ending and the fate of Father Jack….
    Gretchen Cruden

  3. intolightandshadow says:

    Submitted on 2014/02/10 at 9:45 am
    Just finished the first chapter. Quite the exciting ride. Some of the task terminology went over my head. At the end, I wasn’t sure about how Dan died and tried to go back. Unless Dan was part of the hallucination, that was the only explanation I could come up with. Our dinner together was fun, Dave. I hope next time, we can get you to talk more about your book.
    Philip Livingston

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