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Transcendental Near Death Experience

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A transcendental near death experience opens this novel by  immediately throwing you into a dangerous, deadly world. One step taken in a wrong direction and you die. This is not a fantasy world but one that exists on the upper reaches of Mt. Everest, the highest mountain in the world.

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Death Zone Mt. Everest

In the higher elevations, you walk its paths and will see the dead lying everywhere, mummified by the intense high altitude cold. The dead died from mistakes or sometimes just bad luck, and could not be removed because no one has the energy (oxygen) to remove them. The sun rises and is a hypnotic, beautiful, molten gold, not viewable anywhere else on earth. If  you gaze into its splendor too long, you are blinded by its intense UV radiation, and you can become snow blind. That alone has killed many. Some climbers can fall until their lines stop the fall but then the velocity of the fall smashes them into the side of the mountain. There they dangle until the fierce winter wind blows their bodies hither and yon, until little chunks of frozen body break off falling two miles into Tibet or Nepal, until there is nothing left. Welcome to death zone Mt. Everest.

Drink too much water and your ribs can crack. Start coughing and you may never stop till dead.

Everyone is oxygen deprived, one way or another. That leads to other problems.

Mountaineers could even become homicidal under such conditions when combined with their will to summit. That is the dark side of Everest. This happens even today.

That happened in the beginning of this book.

Upper Reaches of  Mt. Everest

This novel, written by a highly experienced  mountaineer who has been to Everest,  is the story of an ambitious  man’s journey, a successful attorney, combative even with his closest friends, hard-driving, selfish, bored with his wife and children, ego-driven—he wanted to claim the prize of reaching the summit of Everest.

So he is  climbing the mountain, and the higher he climbs the mountain, the more ego driven mistakes he begins to make, until in one quick decisive moment he too is swinging at the end of a rope, over the side, rushing towards the hard granite of Mt. Everest. The bones in his body are smashed like matchsticks, but somehow he survives.

Life After Life Experience

At the same time he had a profound experience of light and of a very high consciousness enfolding him in total love and compassion. This was a life after life experience; it was guiding him into a whole new existence. It was his transcendental near death experience. (more on life after life here)

And somehow the mountain guides, called Sherpas, were able to carry his broken body down the mountain.

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Healed by the Light

The novel develops into a very moving story of a person opening to his spiritual path, following that light (which he always refers to as “Light”), that he experienced when he was in that life after life episode, when his body was smashing against that hard rock cliff. It describes how he finds healing in the body, but more importantly healing in mind and spirit. How his life is transformed, redeemed.  As you read on, you begin to understand deep spiritual concepts presented in a very clear concise manner, and you begin to realize that you are in a very special book!

If you ever have had an interest in Zen or in Buddhism or in the Tao or in mystic Christianity, you should start this book. You will probably not be able to put it down. It is riveting!